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2020 Student Support Fund

A project by: University of Leeds

pledged of £150,000 target

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Thank you Leeds University! The year I spent was a fantastic time of learning, fun and meeting great people. Students in diffuclty deserve support. I benefitted from my time in Leeds, so should all students.

I'd wanted to give at the Quiz but there wasn't a donate button anywhere!

Wish the amazing British people and my beloved university to come out of this with the least damage. Love you UK.

I really hope Leeds would grow young students to become the ones who should contribute creating good global society.

Great initiative. Every student, no matter their financial situation, should be able to continue studying at this wonderful university. Lots of amazing memories here!

Our students will be our future leaders - they deserve our support through these hard times.

Great to give back through the institution which set me up for my current career.

I absolutely loved my three years at Leeds (1976-79). I send you my very best wishes from Canada.

I believe that Leeds can overcome this situation Covid-19, cheers~

I love Leeds, the students and the faculty.

It is an honor to give back to the Leeds Uni community. I enjoyed and i learnt so much while studying for my MA Development Studies 2002/2003.

I did my Msc in 1995. Leeds U flourished me to be successful in my life. It is time to flourish our students with our hands. - an old boy from Hong Kong, we stand for freedom.

Good luck to all the students during this difficult time.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in supporting the 2020 Student Support Fund.

I hope this donation goes to those who deserve it, and I trust you. thank you🌹

Well done. It’s extremely encouraging to see the University support their students like this. This work will directly benefit us all by ensuring the next generation of Graduates can achieve their goals.

We'll do this together.

All the Best to the Staff as well as Students I Was so greatful for the support that I got! When I needed It and Hope that this will be avilable to someone when they need it! Hopefully? I am 'paying it forward' as it was for me! It isn't by much sadly right now!

Three of the best years of my life!

I hope this pandemic ends soon and everything gets well as before. I really understand the economic situation of students who depend on part time jobs. I hope that my donation can help one of them.

Sweet memory in Hillary Place and the office of my two supervisors Martin Wedell and Martin Lamb. Best supervisors! Hope everything will be fine very soon.

I already do make regular contributions to Footsteps Fund and intend this as a purely one-off addition in view of current peculiar circumstances.

Well Done all at University of Leeds during these strange and difficult times.

Sorry I cannot offer more to help needy students at this stage.

This is a one-off donation. I cannot make any more

Please use wisely to help new students

I spent the most beautiful time of my life at university of Leeds. I experienced how students could sometimes face finance difficulties. I will do my best to help. Thank you for giving the opportunity to support my University.

As an alumni and father with a sibling expecting to go to University in October, I am happy to support this fund. I hope all students and members of staff stay safe and try to remain positive during the lockdown. Ultimately I am confident that students will have the same varied, interesting and rewarding caeer opportunities as planned before the pandemic hit.

Best of luck.

Great University, gave me a wonderful medical education.....many thanks as ever.

I am a Footsteps Fund supporter withan annual donation of GBP300.

I have made this donation because of those who are facing worry about finance while trying their best to obtain a university education, which is a lasting treasure.

I'm so glad to be able to contribute to this fund at a very difficult time for students.

Good luck and stay safe everyone.

As an Alumni already a member of Brotherton Circle, Into Uni Footsteps Fund and student Scholarship. Contact is Alexandra Lakin who had pre- briefed me on this Covid-19 related fund raising project.

I would have liked to be able to pay by Paypal, simply because the fewer the people who have my card details, the better. However, I do not know what impact that would have on the amount received and the difference may be significant.

I already give an annual donation

For some reason the website refused to enter the year of my graduation (PhD 1955)

Thank you

I made this donation in memory of Dr Ronald Markillie, my tutor on the Diploma in Psychotherapy.