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Green Room Refurbishment

A project by: Leeds ISoc


WE RAISED £3,007

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This project received pledges on Sun 07 Apr 2019
Help us revamp the Green Room, our heart of University of Leeds

OUR project

We are raising £2,500 to enhance the Green Room and other prayer spaces on campus!

Who are WE?

We are the Islamic Society (ISoc) and we help to build a community for students who religiously or culturally identify as Muslim. Our primary aim is to create an atmosphere around campus where Muslim students can thrive and feel at home.

our story

The Green Room is an invaluable facility used by all Muslims on campus as a prayer room complete with wudhu facilities, a social area and place to eat Halal food during the day.

However, a lot of work had to be done to get the room we are familiar with today! In fact, Jumuah prayers used to be performed in the chaplaincy in the Emmanuel centre! But, with increasing numbers of students accommodating prayers in the Emmanuel Centre became incredibly difficult, and it wasn’t until 1991 that a fixed space (which sits as part of the conference auditorium building) was secured. Nowadays, students from all disciplines and ages use this space for relaxation, contemplation and for spiritual support.

Why do we need your help?

The Green Room is the main place of worship for Muslims on campus, servicing hundreds of students on weekly basis. It has been gradually developed over the years, with new carpeting, ablution and toilet facilities, a fully equipped kitchen and a fully equipped sisters’ section being put in over the years. But running this facility, including the Friday Jummu'ah salah and audio system is quite costly, and we cannot afford to provide the room with the vital care it needs to service the community.

This is where you step in…

We are now at a stage where we are accommodating over 400 Muslims on Fridays over two separate sermons. This means more people are using our facilities than ever before and the Green Room is being subjected to high levels of wear and tear. Due to the increasing number of service users, we need to improve our audio system to ensure all our users can follow the prayer, as well as provide full audio coverage of the prayer facility and the kitchen, which is now often used as extra space for worshipers on Friday. We also forecast that the number of service users will continue to grow and therefore it is essential that we are able to accommodate this.

We also need to make our kitchen facilities friendlier and more comfortable to relax in, as students use the kitchen as a place to eat, relax and work.

Lastly, if we hit our target and raise above our target, we would use these to fund improvements based on your suggestions on Instagram!

Where will the money go?

For £850 we will make the green room safer and more functional

  • £400 - Lockers (4 x 6) so users safely store their belongings
  • £150 – Lapel mic + audio system so all our users can hear and follow the prayers 
  • £150 – Retractable belt barriers to help ease congestion during Friday congregation prayers
  • £50 – Large Banner to indicate the green room’s location clearly new users can  differentiate it from the Conference Auditorium
  • £100 – Storage units to safely store the equipment we use to support our services. 

For £1,500 we will make the green room more sustainable and homely 


  • £150 –  Prayer times clock so we can stop using paper calendars
  • £100 – Rechargeable batteries so we can reduce the effect of toxic lithium-based batteries on our planet


  • £100 – Low seating to make our space cosy and comfortable
  • £100 – New cushions and covers to make our space even more cosy and comfortable
  • £200 – New rugs ... did someone say comfortable?

For £2,500 we will improve other prayer spaces 

  • £100 – Pocket Books filled with useful reminders and practical tips
  • £100 – Tables to provide an optimal location for handouts
  • £80 – Notice boards so out users don’t miss out on any updates
  • £100 – Shoe racks for the cemetery lodge prayer space
  • £700 – Prayer mats for the Riley Smith Hall Friday congregation

Any further donations will be spent on improvements which YOU can suggest via our Instagram!


If you are kind enough to donate to our project you can receive ...

  • £20 – you’ll be on mentioned in a collective donor shout out list on Facebook
  • £100 – you’ll get an exclusive, individual Facebook shout out
  • £500 – you’ll be featured on a “proud supporters of the green room” plaque for a year

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