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Our Project

We are looking to get womxn of colour published in the media industry and raise funds for our next print issue "Tribute". The purpose is to allow artists the chance to build their portfolio and provide a community for women of colour in the north. This will be done through print, events & guest speakers.

Who are We?

We are OnBeat: A zine for womxn and non-binary people of colour in which we provide a platform to create and publish content to document our experiences as WOC.

Coming into our first year, we wanted a safe space for people of colour to come together and felt that a new space needed to be created. So over a cup of coffee and a three hour chat, OnBeat was created.

Now amassing over 1,300 followers, we have created a community for people of colour to showcase their work.

In 2018 we published our first zine and this year we want to further our impact and publish an even bigger issue.

This is where you step in...

With your support, we hope to print our next issue "Tribute". By donating, you will not simply be helping us publish a magazine, but rather you will give a writer, poet, illustrator, artist, graphic designer a chance to get their work commissioned. For BAME people, it is statistically harder for us to break the media industry. OnBeat, allows people of colour to start their portfolio. Most importantly, we act as a community to provide a space for people to come together and empower each other.

Where will the money go?

Where will the money go?

If we hit our minimum target of £500:

  • We will use this money to cover the cost of the publication of the second issue of Onbeat "Tribute". 

If we were to reach our stretch target of £1,500 we would:

  • Commission content and pay our creative talent who contribute to our publication and events (£250)
  • Pay guest speakers to inspire and help our community break into the industry at an event (£500)
  • Hire a venue for a launch event (£250)

If we manage to beat this target (which would be amazing!) we would use extra donations to kick-start next year's third issue & commission more content.


To say thank you for your generosity, we have a few rewards available for donors.

  • For a donation of £15 we will recognise your contribution and thank you on our social media channels.
  • For a donation of £20 we will dedicate a big thank you by printing your name in our re-issue of "Tribute"
  • For a donation of £30 we will dedicate a big thank you by printing your name in our re-issue of "Tribute" and send you an OnBeat t-shirt!

There are only 5 t-shirts available.

If you want to claim a t-shirt or your name printed in "Tribute", please send an email to onbeatleeds@gmail.com so we can organise t-shirt collection or for you to tell us your name to print in the re-issue.

Get a thank you shout out on social media and a page of your name dedicated to you as a thank you on the re-issue edition of the second print!

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